Luxatemp Glaze & Bond.
High gloss, protection and repair of temporaries.

Luxatemp Glaze & Bond

Luxatemp Glaze & Bond easily creates a high gloss without polishing. Plaque formation is hindered at the same time. Used as an adhesive, the material ensures a reliable bond for repairs and customisation of temporary crowns and bridges.

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Luxatemp Glaze & Bond – the perfect Luxatemp partner

Luxatemp Glaze & Bond

High gloss without polishing

Excellent bond with repair materials

Extraordinary abrasion resistance

Various temporaries

Luxatemp Glaze & Bond in detail

Varnishing with Luxatemp Glaze & Bond ensures particularly aesthetic and hygienic surfaces. The light-curing one-component varnish gives a temporary a natural, smooth and shiny appearance and hinders plaque formation at the same time. Furthermore, Luxatemp Glaze & Bond can also be used as an adhesive for temporary restoration repairs and add-ons in combination with Luxatemp or LuxaFlow.

Varnishing the temporary with a brush
Less effort, better effect: Varnish with Luxatemp Glaze & Bond

Pack: Luxatemp Glaze & Bond

1 Bottle @ 5 ml

25 Brushes

REF 211927

Accessories: Luxatemp Glaze & Bond

50 Brushes

REF 110041

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