Situations that last.


StatusBlue is the VPS impression material for all situation impressions and combines the advantages of VPS with the characteristics of alginates. What this means for you is convenient application on the one hand, and precise results in the long term on the other.

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StatusBlue – the alternative to alginates

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Pourable after 10 minutes

Excellent dimensional and storage stability


Mass in impression tray

StatusBlue in detail

StatusBlue combines the beneficial properties of an alginate, such as a short setting time in the mouth, hydrophilicity and easy removal, with the advantages of a VPS, including crisp detail, recovery after deformation and dimensional stability. The smooth surface of StatusBlue is ideal for the fabrication of temporaries. It ensures exact models and thus minimises the polishing effort. The excellent stability in storage permits pouring out multiple times, eliminating the need for repeat or multiple impressions. This saves both time and money. The precise automatic mixing, not to mention the dust- and bubble-free application directly into the impression tray, guarantee easy, clean working.

Pouring out
Precise reproduction of the oral situation

Pack: StatusBlue, 1 catridge @ 380 ml, 10 MixStar Tips White

REF 909693

Pack: StatusBlue, 2 cartridges @ 50 ml, 4 Automix Tips Pink 4:1

REF 909790

Economy pack: StatusBlue, 5 cartridges @ 380 ml, 50 MixStar Tips White

REF 909694

Economy pack: StatusBlue, 8 cartridges @ 50 ml, 16 Automix Tips Pink 4:1

REF 909791

Accessories: StatusBlue, 1 MixStar eMotion 230 V Int.

REF 900480

Accessories: StatusBlue, 50 MixStar Tips White

REF 909567

Accessories: StatusBlue, 1 Automix Dispenser Type 50 10:1

REF 110411

Accessories: StatusBlue, 25 Automix Tips Pink 4:1

REF 909797

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