The highest standard of temporary fabrication.

Luxatemp Star

The highly aesthetic Luxatemp Star temporaries are able to withstand more because one focus in the product’s development was mechanical stability. As well as offering improved initial hardness, Luxatemp Star sets benchmarks in the areas of break resistance and flexural strength, ensuring even greater stability and durability.

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Luxatemp Fluorescence

The good fluorescence of Luxatemp Fluorescence allows the temporaries to reflect light just like natural teeth, under all lighting conditions. Luxatemp Fluorescence is available in six fluorescent colours that all have superb shade stability.

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Luxatemp Plus

For decades now, the tried-and-tested Luxatemp Plus has provided perfect-fit temporary restorations and is exceptionally abrasion resistant. The material is extremely easy to work, grind and polish.

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Luxatemp Solar

Luxatemp Solar was specifically developed for multi-part restorations. Here, the elastic phase was extended. This eases removal of the temporary, and undercuts do not tear off. The curing time can be determined by the practitioner with Luxatemp Solar.

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Luxatemp Star

  • Excellent initial hardness, break resistance and flexural strength
  • Great adaption and fit
  • Outstanding aesthetics and colour stability

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Luxatemp Plus

  • High flexural strength and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Perfect precision fit

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Honigum Pro

Honigum Pro – impressions made your way:

  • Extraordinary stability and flowability
  • Optimum behaviour in moist conditions
  • Maximum precision

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