Packaging with cartridge and tip

Fabricating temporaries with Luxatemp

For temporary restorations that are in a class of their own:

  • High flexural strength and abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding aesthetics
  • Available in 6 shades


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Temporary luting with TempoCem

Reliable, perfect-fit luting of temporary crowns, inlays, veneers and more besides:

  • Optimum adhesion and removability
  • Easy removal of excess
  • Automatic mixing and direct application
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Temporary repair with LuxaFlow Star

The aesthetic solution for temporary repairs and small fillings:

  • Fluid during application and stable thereafter
  • Excellent polishability to a high gloss, natural aesthetics
  • Radiopaque
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Sealing and repair with Luxatemp Glaze & Bond.

For a natural shine and reliable protection against plaque, and as an adhesive for temporary repairs:

  • High gloss without polishing
  • Excellent bond with repair materials
  • Extraordinary abrasion resistance
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