PermaCem Dual

Dual-curing and reliable: the DMG classic with flexible curing

PermaCem Dual

Reduced setting time due to light cure


Classic option for ceramic, metal and composite restorations

Packaging, syringe and tips

PermaCem Dual in detail

PermaCem Dual is your versatile, dual-curing classic for secure, permanent luting of various materials – whether metal, composite or all-ceramic. The cement combines the advantages of the biocompatibility found in glass ionomer cements with those of composites (insolubility, good marginal fit) and is pleasantly easy to work with. The thin film thickness ensures maximum accuracy of fit.

Pack: PermaCem Dual, 2 Smartmix Syringes @ 10 g

20 Smartmix Tips Short

REF 212035

Pack: PermaCem Dual, 1 cartridge @ 52 g

35 Automix Tips Blue 1:1

REF 110524

Accessories: PermaCem Dual, 50 Smartmix Tips Short

REF 212040

Accessories: PermaCem Dual, 100 Automix Tips Blue 1:1

REF 110267

Accessories: PermaCem Dual, 50 Automix Tips Blue 1:1

REF 110266

Accessories: PermaCem Dual, 1 Automix Dispenser Type 25 1:1

REF 110253

Instructions for use

Safety datasheets

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