PermaCem Universal.
Universal brilliance.

PermaCem Universal

PermaCem Universal is the universal adhesive all-rounder for secure luting. The dual-curing composite luting cement reliably provides strong adhesion for the cementation of indirect restorations made of different materials.

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PermaCem Universal – reliable adhesion, easy to use

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PermaCem Universal

Universal use and strong adhesive force

High abrasion resistance for optimal marginal integrity

First-class aesthetics in 3 shades with matching try-in pastes

Syringe, tips and packaging

PermaCem Universal in detail

PermaCem Universal offers secure bonding with just one cement and – in combination with LuxaBond Universal – just one bond for the most common indications and restorations. Its high abrasion resistance ensures reliable marginal integrity and the longevity of the restoration. The fact that excess is particularly easy to remove makes your work even easier. After initial polymerisation, the material can be removed in one piece with a scaler. Three aesthetic shades with optimum fluorescence and matching try-in pastes enable even aesthetically challenging restorations.

Pack: PermaCem Universal, shade A1

1 Smartmix Syringe @ 9 g
10 Smartmix Tips Short

REF 213401

Pack: PermaCem Universal, shade A2.5

1 Smartmix Syringe @ 9 g
10 Smartmix Tips Short

REF 213402

Pack: PermaCem Universal, shade Transparent

1 Smartmix Syringe @ 9 g
10 Smartmix Tips Short

REF 213404

Accessories: PermaCem Universal

50 Smartmix Tips Short

REF 212040

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