Self-curing and reliable:
the DMG classic for secure, permanent luting.


Simple and reliable application


Classic option for ceramic, metal and composite restorations

Cartridge, tips and packaging

PermaCem in detail

PermaCem is your tried-and-tested, self-curing classic for secure luting of various restorations. Whether with metal, composites, or all-ceramic restorations. Whether adhesive or frictive, self-curing or dual-curing. Thanks to DMG compomer technology, the cement combines the benefits of glass ionomer cements (such as biocompatibility) with those of composites (such as insolubility and a good margin fit). The material is radiopaque and pleasantly easy to use.

Pack: PermaCem, 2 Smartmix Syringes @ 10 g

20 Smartmix Tips Short

REF 212034

Pack: PermaCem, 1 cartridge @ 52 g

35 Automix Tips Blue 1:1

REF 110293

Accessories: PermaCem, 50 Smartmix Tips Short

REF 212040

Accessories: PermaCem, 100 Automix Tips Blue 1:1

REF 110267

Accessories: PermaCem, 50 Automix Tips Blue 1:1

REF 110266

Accessories: PermaCem, 1 Automix Dispenser Type 25 1:1

REF 110253

Instructions for use

Safety datasheets

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