Permanent cements – reliable luting.
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PermaCem Universal

PermaCem Universal is a universal adhesive all-rounder for secure luting. This dual-curing composite luting cement reliably provides a strong adhesion for the versatile cementation of indirect restorations made of ceramics, metals and metal alloys, as well as composites.

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PermaCem 2.0

PermaCem 2.0 is the modern generation of self-adhesive luting composites. The new adhesive monomer formulation ensures excellent adhesion to all materials – including zirconia and other highly aesthetic ceramic restorations. The Flow 2.0 formula guarantees extremely easy working and incredibly simple excess removal.

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PermaCem and PermaCem Dual

The self-curing PermaCem and the dual-curing PermaCem Dual are your tried-and-tested universal compomer cements. Both combine the benefits of glass ionomer cements (long-term fluoride release, biocompatibility) and composites (insolubility, good margin fit) and win over practitioners with a thin film thickness and easy working.

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PermaCem Dual


Vitique is your premium cementing system for complicated veneer work. The light-curing, composite-based cements are available in a wide range of shades. Perfectly matched try-in pastes for each shade allow a reliable preview of the final result.

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