• Perfect precision fit
  • High flexural strength and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Available in five shades

Proven success material for temporary crowns and bridges

More than a temporary success: For many years now, Luxatemp Plus has provided perfectly fitting temporary restorations and is exemplarily abrasion resistant. The material is easy to work, grind, and polish, and thanks to its high flexural strength, Luxatemp is well-suited for long-term temporaries as well. Luxatemp Solar was specifically developed for multi-part restorations. Its elastic phase was prolonged thus simplifying the removal of the temporary – undercuts do not tear.
All Luxatemp variants can easily be polished to a shine. Alternatively, an easier and more hygienic solution: coat with Luxatemp-Glaze & Bond.


Economy Pack
5 Cartridges @ 76 g  
75 Automix-Tips  
  Shade A1 REF 110405
  Shade A2 REF 110406
  Shade 3.5 REF 110407
1 Tube @ 106 g base  
1 Tube @ 6 g catalyst  
1 Mixing pad, 1 spatula  
1 application syringe  
  Shade A2 REF 110111
1 Tube @ 6 g catalyst REF 110162
1 Cartridge @ 76g  
15 Automix-Tips  
  Shade A1 110401
  Shade A2 110402
  Shade 3.5 110403
  Shade B1 110404
  Shade Light 110368


  • Luxatemp-Plus, -Fluorescence, - Solar
    Safety datasheets
  • Luxatemp-Plus Automix
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