Ecosite Bulk Fill

Quality fillings in no time.

  • Can be applied in one coat without additional top coating
  • Reliable through-hardening to 5 mm
  • Low shrinkage stress values
  • Easy modeling
  • Precision contact-point formation
  • Outstanding mechanical properties thanks to special filler technology
Ecosite Bulk Fill

It has never been easier to insert top-quality fillings.

Quick & Easy

There is no quicker and easier alternative when it comes to standard restorations. Without any need for laborious layering, the one-step Ecosite filling grants you the convenience of a considerable time saving.

Another speedy plus point: The material guarantees reliable thorough-hardening of 5 mm layers in just 20 seconds.

The increased firmness of the packable material ensures optimum precision handling. For your work, that means very effective molding (no "run-off"), reliable contact-point formation, significantly reduced reworking - as well as quick and easy finishing.

Optimum Reliability

Stress? This can be avoided. Ecosite Bulk Fill's extremely low shrinkage stress values minimize shrinkage stress.

The nano-hybrid composite also has outstanding mechanical properties. Its special filler technology with a mix of fine glass and nano-fillers (degree of filling: 82 wt. %) makes this possible.

Ecosite Bulk Fill is very packable, while at the same time very supple under shear, thus enabling controlled adaptation to cavity walls. What's more, no layer boundaries eliminates problems with bubbles or cracks in the boundaries between the individual composite increments.


Functional Shade Selection

The Ecosite Bulk Fill shade system couldn't be more intuitive and practical:

  • Two esthetic all-purpose shades: Universal andLight
  • An ideal color match with the surrounding tooth structure
  • Contrast version
  • For core build-up and all purposes whereby a contrast with the tooth structure is desirable



Innovative Filler Technology

The special nanotechnology enables extremely homogeneous distribution of the nest lling material. This ensures outstanding mechanical properties – and optimum polishability for a high shine finish

SEM Images

This optimum filler technology guarantees outstanding workability.

Source: Internal images, DMG, 2016


  • Dental fillings in the posterior region (Classes I and II including replacement of individual cusps)
  • Restorations of Class V (cervical caries, root erosions, wedge-shaped defects)
  • Core build-up
  • Fillings in deciduous teeth
  • Extended fissure sealing of molars and premolars

Real single-layer technology up to 5 millimeters


Starter Pack
3 Syringes @ 4 g in the shades Universal (2 x), Light (1 x), 1 bottle @ 5 ml of Ecosite-Bond REF 220750
48 Safetips @ 0.25 g in the shades Universal (32 x), Light (16 x), 1 bottle @ 5 ml of Ecosite-Bond REF 220751
1 Syringe @ 4 g, shade Light REF 220752
1 Syringe @ 4 g, shade Universal REF 220753
1 Syringe @ 4 g, shade Contrast REF 220754
16 Safetips @ 0.25 g, shade Light REF 220755
16 Safetips @ 0.25 g, shade Universal REF 220756
16 Safetips @ 0.25 g, shade Contrast REF 220757
1 Bottle @ 5 ml of Ecosite-Bond REF 220758