Ecosite Bulk Fill.
Top-quality fillings in no time.

Ecosite Bulk Fill

Ecosite Bulk Fill guarantees particularly easy handling due to its firmer consistency and saves a significant amount of time due to potential application in just one single step. Additionally, the Premium Bulk Fill material offers a convincing chameleon effect with the Universal colour variant.

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Ecosite Bulk Fill:
Top-quality fillings in no time

The material’s push-and-flow effect allows flexible working and the simplest shaping. Still firm to begin with, Ecosite Bulk Fill quickly and noticeably softens during modelling, so it can be optimally adapted to the cavity walls. Anatomical details can therefore be easily reproduced. The material stays where it should and does not melt. It also provides reliable protection against bubbles and gaps, especially in the critical areas. For a safe and convenient workflow.

The functional, practical shade selection includes two aesthetic all-purpose colours – Universal and Light – as well as a Contrast variant. With the Universal shade, you can achieve any common VITA shade thanks to the convincing chameleon effect.

The material can either be layered in increments of 2 mm or applied as a bulk filling in a single step, offering the most flexible handling. Layers measuring 5 mm are cured through in just 20 seconds, saving a significant amount of time.

The innovative filling technology of Ecosite Bulk Fill enables an exceptionally homogeneous distribution of the finest fillers. This ensures outstanding mechanical properties and excellent polishability for a high-gloss finish.

Three variants, all colour options

For maximum simplicity in daily posterior restorations, Ecosite Bulk Fill offers three colour experts:

  • Thanks to the Universal colour variant with chameleon effect, all the common VITA shades can be achieved with just one universal shade.
  • The colour system is complemented by the Light variant, the specialist for light shades and paediatric care.
  • Contrast rounds off the range and offers a clear contrast to the tooth structure – which is important for the likes of core build-up.

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Ecosite Bulk Fill in use

Bulk Fill – the ideal material for small Class II restorations.

The common method for introducing composite into large cavities is to place the filling material in several layers measuring about 2 mm thick to achieve sufficient curing and low shrinkage stress. Recently, new composites have been introduced – bulk composites that can be applied and cured in increments of up to 5 mm. The filling protocol of this bulk composite significantly reduces the treatment time for completing the restoration, which is beneficial for the practitioner and the patient alike. Additionally, the bulk filling materials have less stress at the interfaces, reducing microleakage. From a clinical point of view, they are characterised by very precise handling and allow safe point of contact design, and some of them have very good mechanical properties due to the high filler content and the improved organic resin matrix. In daily restorative practice, they seem to be perfectly suited for many clinical scenarios. Most dentists only consider using bulk filling materials for large cavities, when in fact using them is very beneficial for small to medium-sized cavities too. The patient, a young teenage girl, attended the clinic for a dental check-up (Fig. 1). A bite wing X-ray image (Fig. 2) revealed a medium-sized interproximal cavity in tooth 16.

Dr Andrea Fabianelli, Italy

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Ecosite Bulk Fill

Straightforward, reliable and aesthetic posterior region restorations

Universal shade option means that every standard VITA shade is achievable

High degree of reliability thanks to minimum shrinkage stress

Ecosite Bulk Fill in detail

Shrinkage stress is one of the most common causes of composite restoration failure. That’s why Ecosite Bulk Fill offers a high level of safety due to low shrinkage stress, which significantly minimises shrinkage stress.

Pack: Ecosite Bulk Fill, 16 Safetips @ 0.25 g, shade Light

REF 220755

Pack: Ecosite Bulk Fill, 16 Safetips @ 0.25 g, shade Universal

REF 220756

Pack: Ecosite Bulk Fill, 16 Safetips @ 0.25 g, shade Contrast

REF 220757

Pack: Ecosite Bulk Fill, 1 syringe @ 4 g, shade Light

REF 220752

Pack: Ecosite Bulk Fill, 1 syringe @ 4 g, shade Universal

REF 220753

Pack: Ecosite Bulk Fill, 1 syringe @ 4 g, shade Contrast

REF 220754

Accessories: Ecosite Bulk Fill, 1 Safetip Dispenser

REF 213122

Accessories: Ecosite Bulk Fill, 1 Safetip Dispenser Pro

REF 220829

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