Intensive strengthening of the enamel with Flairesse prophylaxis gel.

Flairesse Gel

Flairesse prophylaxis gel is your specialist for strengthening tooth enamel. Its fluoride content of 12,300 ppm provides the best possible dental care.

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Flairesse Gel – your expert for optimum strengthening of dental enamel

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Flairesse Gel

Non-drip, practical use in tray

Reliable protection through fluoride and xylitol

Available in the fresh flavours mint, melon and strawberry

Pouring the prophylaxis gel into a tray

Flairesse Gel in detail

Fluorides are important for dental health – that’s for sure. This is because they not only prevent minerals from dissolving from the enamel, but they also promote their incorporation into the enamel at the same time. And that’s why Flairesse Gel also contains fluoride (12,300 ppm) and thus supports remineralisation after professional teeth cleaning. What’s more, the patient isn’t the only one who benefits from the gel. The user does too. The ideal consistency prevents dripping and allows practitioners to perform treatment according to their own workflow. The gel can be applied either with the tray or with a polishing cup on individual teeth. At DMG, we always keep your patient’s treatment experience in mind. In addition to the optimum protection they receive, they can also choose between three fresh flavours. What would they prefer? Mint, Melon, or Strawberry?

Pack: Flairesse Gel, Mint

1 Bottle @ 480 ml Gel

REF 220411

Pack: Flairesse Gel, Melon

1 Bottle @ 480 ml Gel

REF 220412

Pack: Flairesse Gel, Stawberry

1 Bottle @ 480 ml Gel

REF 220413

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