Reliable protection with the Flairesse prophylaxis varnish.

Flairesse Varnish

The prophylaxis varnish is your expert for reliably sealing dentine tubules. It desensitises the teeth and offers relief, especially to hypersensitive teeth.

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Flairesse Varnish – your expert for less pain

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Flairesse Varnish

Reliable protection through fluoride and xylitol

Invisible on teeth

Available in the fresh flavours mint and melon

Varnishing the teeth with a brush

Flairesse Varnish in detail

The Flairesse prophylaxis varnish reliably seals the dentine tubules and desensitises the teeth. It therefore offers relief, especially to hypersensitive teeth. The enclosed, flexible single-use brushes are both hygienic and designed for particularly easy application. Like the other Flairesse products, the varnish contains xylitol and fluoride (22,600 ppm). This provides peace of mind. What’s more, you can’t see the clear varnish on the radiant Flairesse smile because it’s invisible on the teeth. The fresh flavours (mint and melon) make prophylaxis with Flairesse Varnish a tasty experience for your patients too.

Pack: Flairesse Varnish, Mint

35 Single-use units @ 0.4 g, 35 brushes

REF 220404

Pack: Flairesse Varnish, Melon

35 Single-use units @ 0.4 g, 35 brushes

REF 220405

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