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The LuxaPost is a glass fibre-reinforced composite root pin with dentine-like flexural modulus. Its high flexural strength and conical shape are similar to the natural tooth. This minimises the risk of fracture.

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Glass fibre-reinforced composite root posts from DMG.

As with LuxaCore Z Dual, the properties of the material in LuxaPost are also based on the model of a natural tooth. LuxaPost’s low flexural modulus (a measure of the elasticity or stiffness) thus corresponds closely to that of natural dentine. This minimises peak stresses in the »post-cement-root« system and lowers the risk of root fractures.

The LuxaPost root post is highly radiopaque. This ensures good visibility in the X-ray image, optimally enabling a follow-up check of the treated tooth. The improved visibility in the X-ray image gives you additional safety when working. The accuracy of fit can be better controlled – and a precision-fit post helps to prevent tension and potential fractures. The excellent visibility was also confirmed by THE DENTAL ADVISOR, an American test institute. In an investigation of the radiopacity of various root posts, DMG’s LuxaPost (together with another competitor) came in first place!

To fully meet the needs of real-world practice and to improve stability and durability, the LuxaPost is already pre-silanised. This simplifies the handling and reduces the treatment cost. Additional silane is no longer needed.

For all who don’t want to do without the extra silanisation step, DMG still offers the DMG silane system as a reliable two-bottle system.

LuxaPost’s high transparency prevents the post from showing through, allowing practitioners to create highly aesthetic all-ceramic restorations. In addition, the conical form facilitates a minimally invasive fit. The passive post does not transmit any active forces to the root’s channel wall, which reduces the risk of root fracture. Retention grooves and the pre-silanised surface strengthen the bond with the build-up filling and cementing materials. Its customised partner, the LuxaPost drill, automatically guarantees a precise recipient site for an optimum cement joint.

Source: BF_Endodontie_#1_De_2015-07.pdf, page 6, from Fig. 3

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Dentin-like flexural modulus for reduced risk of root fracture

Pre-silanised for simple use

Excellent radiopacity

LuxaPost in detail

DMG offers you a complete, sophisticated system for a simple, safe workflow with LuxaPost. The drill length can be fixed exactly with a depth marker and measuring card.

Removing the posts from the box
Matching LuxaPost posts and drills in the practical package

Starter pack: LuxaPost

5 Posts ø 1.25 mm Black
5 Posts ø 1.375 mm Purple
5 Posts ø 1.5 mm Green
1 Drill ø 1.25 mm
1 Drill ø 1.375 mm
1 Drill ø 1.5 mm
30 Depth markers
1 Measuring card

REF 110780

Refill pack: LuxaPost, 5 posts ø 1.25 mm Black

REF 110781

Refill pack: LuxaPost, 5 posts ø 1.375 mm Purple

REF 110782

Refill pack: LuxaPost, 5 posts ø 1.5 mm Green

REF 110783

Refill pack: LuxaPost, 5 posts ø 1.75 mm Red

REF 110961

Refill pack: LuxaPost, 1 drill ø 1.25 mm

REF 110734

Refill pack: LuxaPost, 1 drill ø 1.375 mm

REF 110735

Refill pack: LuxaPost, 1 drill ø 1.5 mm

REF 110736

Refill pack: LuxaPost, 1 drill ø 1.75 mm

REF 110962

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