PermaCem Universal

  • Strong adhesion in all clinical settings
  • Universal use – versatile with silicate and oxide ceramics, as well as with metals and composites
  • Clinically established for use with all standard CAD/CAM materials
  • High abrasion resistance for reliably good marginal quality and longevity of the restoration
  • Easy, stress-free removal of excess material in one piece
  • First-class esthetics in 5 shades with matching try-in pastes
PermaCem Universal

Universal brilliance

PermaCem Universal is an adhesive all-rounder for universal secure luting. This dual-curing composite luting cement provides a reliably strong adhesion for the cementation of indirect restorations made of ceramics, metals and metal alloys, as well as of composites. Its high abrasion resistance ensures reliable marginal integrity and supports the longevity of the restoration.

Easy to use, convenient to administer.

A secure fit with just one cement and one bonding agent for the most common indications and restorations – that makes work easy. PermaCem Universal and DMG’s new LuxaBond Universal make it easy to ensure excellent bonding properties in all clinical settings. The particularly easy removal of excess PermaCem Universal simplifies the procedure. After initial polymerization, the material can be removed easily in one piece with a scaler.

A secure fit that looks good.

5 radiopaque shades (A1, A2.5, A4, Transparent, BL) ensure natural-looking esthetics with high shade stability and optimal fluorescence. Compatible try-in pastes for all shades are available from DMG.

Maximum bond strength, easy handling and convincing esthetics make PermaCem Universal the ideal universal luting cement for every practice.


  • Permanent cementation of indirect restorations (inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges) made of:
    • metals and metal alloys (precious and base metals)
    • Oxide ceramics (zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide)
    • Silicate ceramics (e.g. lithium disilicate, feldspar)
    • Composites and fiber-reinforced composites
  • Permanent cementation of ceramic or composite veneers
  • Permanent cementation of oxide ceramics, silicate ceramics, and composite or metal restorations on implant abutments
  • Cementation of root posts

PermaCem Universal’s ideal partner for optimum bonding: LuxaBond Universal


1 Smartmix Syringe @ 9 g, 10 Smartmix Tips Short  
  Shade A1 REF 213401
  Shade A2.5 REF 213402
  Shade A4 REF 213403
  Shade TR REF 213404
  Shade BL REF 213405


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