Flairesse paste

  • For a perfect cleaning and polishing effect
  • Does not splatter
  • 3 different grits
  • 2 fresh flavors:
    Mint and Melon
  • Contains xylitol and fluoride (12,300 ppm)
  • 2 forms of application: Tube and Single Dose
Flairesse paste

Clean effectively:

Flairesse Prophylaxis paste

Flairesse Prophylaxis paste removes discolorations, and plaque and it polishes the tooth's surface. The patient feels the results immediately.

Three different grits – coarse, medium, fine – allow adjusting the degree of abrasion precisely.

Very gentle: Flairesse does not cause any unnecessary abrasion of the tooth's structure and restoration surfaces. The paste contains fluoride and is free of known allergens.


1 Tube @ 75 ml  
  Mint fine REF 220417
  Mint medium REF 220418
  Mint coarse REF 220419
  Melon fine REF 220423
  Melon medium REF 220424
  Melon coarse REF 220425
200 Single Dose à 1,8 g  
  Mint fine REF 220414
  Mint medium REF 220415
  Mint coarse REF 220416


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