• Pourable after 10 minutes
  • Very high dimensional stability
  • Very long shelf life
  • Repourable
  • No time-consuming hand-mixing
  • Excellent recovery after deformation

Situations that last.

StatusBlue, the VPS impression material for all situation impressions combines the advantages of VPS with the characteristics of alginates. It has the positive properties of an alginate, such as short intraoral setting time, hydrophilicity, and easy removal and also the outstanding properties of a VPS, including crisp detail, elastic recovery and dimensional stability. The smooth surface of StatusBlue is ideal for the fabrication of temporaries. It enables precise models to be formed, minimizing the amount of polishing needed for the temporary.
In a clinical evaluation conducted by the US research publication »THE DENTAL ADVISOR« StatusBlue received a 5+* rating, which is the highest rating. A strong confirmation for the  product properties of this VPS impression material.

Very high dimensional stability

Due to its high dimensional stability, impressions taken with StatusBlue neither shrink nor swell. Unlike alginates, StatusBlue does not need immediate additional processing of the situation impression and it has a long shelf life. Even weeks later the impression still corresponds to the oral situation of the patient and thus ensures accurate fit of provisionals.

Moreover, the outstanding shelf life allows repeated pouring of the impression, so that repeat or multiple impressions, for example in the event of a fracture to the temporary, are no longer required. This saves both time and money.

Easy to use and quick processing

While alginates still require time-consuming hand-mixing StatusBlue is mixed quickly, automatically, and precisely in either the 50 ml or 380 ml cartridge. And the homogeneous, dust and bubble-free direct application of the material into the tray ensures precise and clean processing. StatusBlue in the 50 ml Automix cartridge can be used in the same delivery system as Luxatemp (DMG) to ease the treatment process and daily practice routines.

Hence, StatusBlue guarantees clean and user-friendly handling – especially compared to alginates.

Features benefits
Very high dimensional stability Long shelf life
No time-consuming hand-mixing Homogeneous and dust-free mixing
Simple and hygienic handling
Excellent recovery after deformation Precise reproduction of the oral situation
Short setting time in the mouth No running into interdental spaces


1 MixStar-eMotion 230 V Int. REF 900480
1 MixStar-eMotion 230 V GB REF 900483
1 MixStar-eMotion 230 V NZ/AUS REF 900484
1 MixStar-eMotion 115 V Int. REF 900482
50 MixStar-Tips REF 909567
1 Automix-Dispenser Type 50 10:1 REF 110411
1 Automix-Plunger 4:1 REF 110630
25 Automix-Tips Pink REF 909797
1 Cartridge @ 380 ml  
10 MixStar-Tips REF 909693

2|Cartridges @ 50 ml|
4|Automix-Tips|REF 909790

|Economy Pack|
5|Cartridges @ 380 ml|
50|MixStar-Tips|REF 909694

8|Cartridges @ 50 ml|
16|Automix-Tips|REF 909791



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