O-Bite Scan

  • Scannable
  • Extremely high final hardness and superior break resistance
  • Minimal bite resistance
  • Fresh fruity  orange scent
  • Cost effective, easy and precise for the digital workflow – without the need to purchase expensive technology
  • Easy handling, no pretreatment with powder or spray
O-Bite Scan


Bite Registration


Maximum break resistance and flexural strength

Most precise bite registration, now also in digitized format.

O-Bite Scan combines precise bite registration with all the advantages of a digital workflow. The material is one of the hardest VPS-based impression materials.
The high final hardness is particularly important for repositioning the bite registration between the models in the articulator, in order to guarantee precision-fit restorations. Softer bite registrations flex or compress, thus prohibiting a precise articulation. This can lead to unwanted bite elevations after restoration, requiring a time-consuming grinding process.

The new scannable variant means that you can also make use of the advantages of a digital workflow, Without investing in equipment, without using scan powder or spray.

With O-Bite Scan you can work in your clinic as you always have: conventionally, precisely, and reliably. And then all options are available to you. The data from the accurate registration are available in digitized format at any time.


1 Automix-Dispenser Type 50 1:1 REF 909507
50 Automix-Tips Pink 1:1 REF 909202
50 Conturation-Tips REF 909203
2 Cartridges @ 50 ml  
12 Automix-Tips REF 919017


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