Icon - Caries Infiltration

Treat earlier - preserve longer

  • Esthetic results on smooth surfaces
  • Caries arrest at an early stage
  • Preservation of healthy tooth structure
  • Pain-free method, without anesthesia, or drilling
Icon - Caries Infiltration

Challenges in the practice

Caries in the early stages cause changes in the color shading on smooth surfaces: White spots
Up until now, there has been no satisfactory solution for treating the white spots that often occur after retainers have been removed.

Areas between teeth are at risk but difficult to access
Proximal areas are not only a problem when brushing. Caries can form here quite easily, which are diffi cult not only to detect, but also for the dentist to reach physically.

Invasive treatment results in major loss of healthy tooth substance.
With proximal caries in particular, the relationship between the caries and the healthy tooth substance that is removed is extremely unfavorable.

Is there a way to solve this problem reliably and gently? It can. You can.

Icon: The answer

Caries infiltration with Icon fills the gap between prophylaxis and filling. In addition, this treatment optically blends in the lesion with the healthy enamel. This innovative method can therefore be used for esthetic treatments of front teeth, where appearance plays an important role.

Onset of caries before treatment
Cariogenic acids attack the enamel and draw out minerals. The tooth becomes porous.

After treatment:
The pore system is closed up, preventing acids from penetrating the tooth. It is therefore possible to stop the progression of emerging caries.