Honigum Mono
Exact single-phase impressions in just one single step

Honigum Mono

High precision in just a single step

Precise reproduction of the preparation line

Good hydrophilicity

Application of Honigum Mono onto the prepared tooth

Honigum Mono in detail

Honigum Mono is a monophase VPS-based impression material. It was specifically developed for single-phase impressions and guarantees high precision in just one single step. The ‘rheologically active matrix’ gives the material a high degree of stability – when filling the tray, for example – and, at the same time, it exhibits excellent flowability at the preparation. So exact impression results are achieved.

Pack: Honigum Mono, 1 cartridge @ 380 ml, 10 MixStar Tips White

REF 909568

Pack: Honigum Mono, 2 cartridges @ 50 ml, 4 Automix Tips Green 1:1, 4 Intraoral Tips Transparent

REF 909830

Economy pack: Honigum Mono, 5 cartridges @ 380 ml, 50 MixStar Tips White

REF 909569

Economy pack: Honigum Mono, 8 cartridges @ 50 ml, 20 Automix Tips Green 1:1, 20 Intraoral Tips Transparent

REF 909834

Accessories: Honigum Mono, 1 MixStar eMotion 230 V Int.

REF 900480

Accessories: Honigum Mono, 50 MixStar Tips White

REF 909567

Accessories: Honigum Mono, 1 Automix Dispenser Type 50 1:1

REF 909507

Accessories: Honigum Mono, 50 Automix Tips Green 1:1

REF 909490

Accessories: Honigum Mono, 50 Intraoral Tips Transparent

REF 909400

Accessories: Honigum Mono, 1 bottle @ 10 ml DMG Tray Adhesive

REF 909394

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