Sustainability at DMG the personal way: Wolfgang Müller

Wolfgang Müller, DMG driver Left: Homemade beach chair made from recycled pallets

Our aim with this occasional series is to share sustainability ideas using a very personal approach. We will be featuring a variety of DMG employees and their individual tips for making everyday life more sustainable. Today: Wolfgang Müller, DMG driver.

When Wolfgang isn’t out on the roads of Hamburg in a DMG lorry, he likes to spend his free time camping by the sea and fishing. He loves nature and can’t understand how people can leave their cigarette butts and other rubbish littering the countryside.

3 sustainability tips from Wolfgang Müller

Make things yourself
Upcycling is fun: Wolfgang has built several pieces of camping furniture from discarded pallets. His creations include an outdoor sink, a barbecue trolley, a bar table with stools, and a complete hooded beach chair (see picture).

Remember the old ways
Many things that used to be commonplace are now recognised as sustainable. Like using leftover food or waiting for the strawberry season in your region instead of buying supermarket strawberries that have travelled a long way in December.

Reduce the use of plastic
Wolfgang sees reducing daily plastic consumption as a key part of ensuring clean natural environments. He recently submitted an idea for reducing the use of plastic film within Logistics at DMG, which is currently being looked into.