Interdentale Live in Congress – professional development, a party & much more ...

The time had finally come on 30 September 2022: The long-awaited Interdentale Live in Congress took place at Berlin’s GLS Campus with the theme “Tooth preservation – as minimally invasive as possible, as invasive as necessary”.

“You all are great – we really did not expect that!” – this was probably one of the best quotes from the participants that captured this event, which was put on together with StyleItaliano.

Following a particularly warm online welcome by Dr Stefen Koubi, Erik-Jan Muts, Giedrė Ūzė, Dr Anna Salat and Dr Ahmed Saad shared extensive knowledge, personal experiences and, above all, many of their own case examples involving treatment options that preserve the tooth substance. The young audience was extremely interested. 

Conversation during the breaks and at the party held at the Frannz-Club made the event an unforgettable and, above all, a very personal experience for everyone at long last.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all guests, speakers and our partner StyleItaliano for this successful event. We are looking forward to the continuation in the spring of 2023 in Hamburg.

The scientific Interdentale event series will continue seamlessly online in October: In his seminar entitled “Smile design to the rescue” on 27 October 2022, Dario Novak shows how he uses visual language, photography and design tools to build trust and understanding with the “all-knowing patient” of today’s information age.

Further details and the online registration link (plus great snapshots of Interdentale Live in Congress will also be added soon) can be found at

Julia Hoyer will be happy to answer any questions or receive suggestions regarding Interdentale. Simply send an email to: clinicalresearch(at)