Welcome to IOWC - first Interdentale Online World Congress!

On 6 – 7 December 2023 we finish our Interdentale year with a very special and outstanding event: the first IOWC - Interdentale Online World Congress.

IOWC is a Live Stream of 12 presentations from DMG Dental Training Center Hamburg, all related to the topic of demarcated enamel opacities. The theme of the congress is: Aesthetic management of demarcated enamel opacities – Science based strategies for your daily practice.

Our 12 top-notch international experts in the field cover the following topics:
•    State of the art diagnostics
•    Standard of care for the management of demarcated enamel opaci-ties
•    Management of patients’ expectations
•    Clinical guidance for treatment choices and decision-making
•    Becoming an expert in the field
•    Improving patients’ quality of life

This is our line-up for you:
Professor Falk Schwendicke, Dr. Alessandra Buhler Borges, Prof. Leandro Augusto Hilgert, Prof. Neeraj Gugnani, Dr. Shiraz Khan, Dr. Jorge Casián, Dr. Linda Helene Greenwall, Dr. n. med. Anna Babczyńska-Staszewska, Prof. Zafer C. Cehreli, Dr. Maria Andrea Muro Arroyo, Dr. Clarissa Bonifacio, Prof. Carlos Rocha Gomes Torres

We cordially invite you to dive into the unique experience of the one and a half day Interdentale Online World Congress and follow outstanding online sessions. The IOWC will be held in English and participation is free of charge. 

You can find the whole programme with information on individual presentations and associated speakers here, for more details as well as for your free registration please visit our Interdentale homepage.

Registration is quite easy: you sign up once for the whole congress and just log in to your desired session(s) at the appropriate time. Of course you can visit as many sessions as you like. 
And on top: the entire program will be available to watch on demand (and of course free of charge too) afterwards in our Media Center.  

For feedback and all questions about Interdentale, feel free to contact us. Just send an email to: clinicalresearch@mtcompanies.com