Interdentale 2023: back from summer break!

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With a miniseries about adhesive cementation “at its best” our dental scientific event series for young dentists returns from summer break.

The online event with mit PD Dr. Andreas Keßler is split up into two modules. The first part on 14th of  September 2023 deals with the bond to the restoration material. Part two on 19th of October 2023 focuses on the bond to the tooth.

The high level of development of modern composite and ceramic materials, as well as the adhesive working of these materials, makes it possible to achieve durable and very aesthetic restorations these days. This can push the concept of maximum tooth preservation more and more into the foreground.
A successful restoration is always the consequence of applying many individual steps. The rapid continued development of restorative materials has led to a great many number of new materials and fabrication processes. 
In addition, there is a strong trend towards simplification and the combination of individual products in the field of adhesive cementation. Accordingly, more and more practitioners are asking the question of what is actually being cemented, and what is used to create the bond.

As well as which steps could combination products be used to potentially save time, and what would be best avoided?

After the sessions PD Dr. Andreas Keßler (together with Dr. Felix Wöhrle, DMG) will then take some time, as always, for questions and discussions.

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