Interdentale 2023 starts

The Interdentale team wishes you a happy and healthy new year!

Interdentale 2023: January news

We are looking forward to many new exciting online and onsite events on a national and international level that promise a fascinating blend of specialist subject matters and a whole host of renowned speakers.

We have a lot planned for 2023, and are kicking off January with 3 online events.
PD Dr Michael Wicht will be starting things off in German on 24 January with his interactive seminar for the entire dental clinic team. In “How do I motivate my patients? – Sustainable caries prevention at home” Dr Wicht will explain the characteristic features of motivational interviewing and illustrate these with real examples from dental clinic life. Questioning techniques for assessing ambivalent willingness to establish and optimise oral hygiene at home will be a main focus.

Things will go international on 17 January with Dr Maria Cura and the topic “Tratamiento mínimamente invasivo de la discoloración dental” (online event in Spanish). This will be followed by Dr Federico Emiliani on 19 January, who will focus on caries management with a seminar titled “Caries: prevention is the best cure!” (online event in English). 

Participation in the events is free and will be rewarded with 2 seminar points each.

For more detailed information and to register, click here.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Interdentale, Julia Hoyer will be happy to help. Simply send an email to:

We are looking forward to celebrating 2023 together and wish the Interdentale community a successful start to the year.