Icon in the Protrusive Dental Podcast on YouTube

If there's an international expert on the infiltration method using Icon, it has to be Dr Linda Greenwall. And if there’s one dentist who can present topics related to dentistry on YouTube in a way that’s both entertaining and professional, that must be Dr Jaz Gulati. In his “Protrusive Dental Podcast” he regularly reaches out to several thousand followers on dental topics – in a relaxed yet informative manner and always with great success.

So what could be more exciting for dental professionals than a conversation between Jaz Gulati and Linda Greenwall about Icon? Indeed, absolutely nothing.

Check it out for yourself: watch the “ICON Resin Infiltration for White Spots” podcast on YouTube. The episode highlights a wide variety of Icon-related aspects, from the scientific background of infiltration and treatment protocol to patient communication and billing.

Have fun watching it!