Felix Neureuther hands over new Zahnmobil to Caritas

For 15 years, the Zahnmobil (mobile dental clinic) of the Hamburg Caritas organisation has provided free dental care to those in need and preventative dental care in children in socially deprived neighbourhoods. We at DMG have supported the charitable project for a long time. To celebrate the anniversary, ski racing star Felix Neureuther, ambassador of the primary sponsor elmex®, has now handed over the new Zahnmobil to Caritas.

Help that comes to you

The mobile dental clinic has done a great deal in 15 years – in every respect: More than 12,000 people in need who are not covered by health insurance have been helped and over 26,000 children have been treated as a part of the preventative dental programme. In its role as main sponsor, elmex® has been making sure the Zahnmobil stays in operation since its inception. It goes without saying that it would have been impossible to achieve all this without many other supporters and helping hands.

“The Zahnmobil would not have been conceivable without the dedication of more than 30 volunteer dentists. They put their heart and soul into their work and achieve outstanding results at no charge. We owe them our utmost respect and gratitude”, says Jörg Spriewald, CEO of Hamburg Caritas.

We wholeheartedly agree with him, and are delighted that we at DMG can also do our part to support this exemplary project.