Interdentale has now become a brand of its own!

That is something to be proud of: Interdentale, which was initiated by DMG, has become well-established – people know who we are and recognise us. What’s more, the term “Interdentale” is now a protected trademark!

The scientific event series regularly provides numerous students and young den-tists around the world with further specialist training and is a great source of in-spiration for their next professional step. Renowned lecturers drawn from univer-sities and dental clinics will participate in Interdentale for the 7th year running.

It was therefore a logical step to protect Interdentale as a registered word/figurative mark. It now officially attests to the success of the DMG course programme and helps young dental professionals gain greater recognition. 

This step makes all of us very proud and we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all participants, the great network of experts we have built up and all our colleagues at DMG who have supported Interdentale from the very beginning.

Many exciting developments are already in the pipeline for 2024 – both online and on-site! The programme will continue in Mai with two online sessions focus-ing on the concealment of enamel opacities - we will debunk myths and facts.

For detailed information on all planned Interdentale events and to register online free of charge, click here.

For feedback and all questions about Interdentale, feel free to contact Julia Hoyer. Just send an email to: