A brilliant smile in next to no time: 3D print bleaching trays easily with DentaMile

Hello there fellow teeth whitening enthusiasts and dental professionals! Today we are going to show you how easy it is to create bleaching trays with a 3D printer – and in next to no time at all.

Precision and pioneering spirit from Germany meets dental expertise from Poland: Krzysztof and Maja from the Polish dental laboratory Just Dent are here to guide you through the DentaMile bleaching tray workflow. Tray virtuoso Krzysztof and skilled young talent Maja will show you how super easy things can be.

Let’s get started with the software action! Maja launches the cloud-based CAD/CAM software DentaMile connect and designs precision-fit bleaching trays in just a few clicks. She sends the finished file to the DentaMile 3Demax and hey presto, it prints the trays with LuxaPrint Ortho Flex.

Then it’s time to get the cleaning party started! The freshly printed trays take a bath in the 3Dewash with isopropyl alcohol for a thorough clean. After this brief spa break, they are placed in the 3Decure for curing so they become durable and robust.

Maja removes the support structures, trims off excess material and polishes the trays to give them a nice shine. So easy, so quick, so cool! The finished trays make their way directly to the ordering dentist Dr Anna Babczyńska-Staszewska and are ready for use straight away – for her patient’s brilliant smile!

Did you know...? 3D printing is the only way to design and create excellent marginal seals and precision reservoirs for bleaching trays. This ensures that the bleaching gel stays on the teeth and doesn’t leak – something that keeps gums happy. Plus, no saliva gets into the gel, meaning it can work to its full effect undiluted.

So, forget about conventional thermoplastic vacuum-formed trays with margins that don’t seal properly and gel that leaks and irritates gums. Our globally networked 3D printing revolution means you’re always one step ahead, no matter where you are in the world.

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