Simply good solutions - DMG presents high-performance provisionals and new filling concepts.

06 September 2021

Is everything digital at IDS? Not at all. There are innovations beyond dental 3D printing that make day-to-day work easier. DMG will focus on three of them at IDS 2021.

A new generation of glass ionomer cement: DeltaFil
DeltaFil is an innovative new glass ionomer cement that combines tried-and-tested GIC advantages with new technology. Its defining feature: elastomeric micelles incorporated into the material prevent cracks from developing. The patent-pending micelle technology developed by DMG ensures increased stability and particularly easy handling, similar to that of composites.

Long-term crowns from the cartridge: LuxaCrown
The innovative LuxaCrown makes it possible to produce restorations with long-term stability directly from the cartridge. LuxaCrown is particularly suitable for longlasting high-performance provisional solutions and all cases with an uncertain prognosis or for complex situations.

The Modern Art of Composite: Ecosite Elements
With Ecosite Elements, DMG offers a composite system with which around 98% of all typical restorations can be managed - especially for aesthetically challenging cases. Thanks to the Push-and-Flow effect, the material can be securely adapted to the cavity walls, enabling anatomical details to be accurately designed.

More info about DMG at the IDS can be found here.