Interdentale in May: minimally invasive with maximum effectiveness!

28 April 2022


We are always happy to consider topic requests for the Interdentale. Therefore, in May, we will focus on minimally invasive treatment concepts for improving individual anterior aesthetics, as suggested by many of you.

Individually or in combination: How highly aesthetic treatment solutions can be achieved by means of tooth whitening and infiltration and what the current state of science has to say about it will be discussed by Dr Michael Wicht on 10 May 2022 (online session in German) and Dr Linda Greenwall on 12 May 2022 (online session in English).

Using many of their own case studies as examples, the two show how treatment concepts that are gentle on the tooth substance can be integrated into daily practice procedures and what positive effects they have, not only on patient satisfaction but also on the entire practice team.

Participation in the event is free and will be rewarded with 2 seminar points.

For more detailed information and to register, click here.