Dental 3D printing: here’s how we take care of our customers ...

25 May 2021

Want to make your 3D printing easier? Read what our British customer, Wessex Dental Laboratory, has to say about working with DMG:

„What support means to us at Wessex Dental Laboratory

Support to our dental laboratory means having someone who is just a phone call away who can provide essential help with an issue or supply us with essential materials and equipment at short notice.

This type of support is crucial to our business, which operates a ‘just in time’ (JIT) manufacturing approach. As a result, we can reduce inventory stock, reduce space, and allows us to apply an adaptable approach to our production processes when needed to meet all job requirements, while, improving production speed without having to sacrificing on quality. Without this kind of support from our suppliers, our lab would struggle to meet the demands of our clients and patients in a timely manner and would prevent us from being a competitor in this market.

In the recent months, the support from DMG since the purchase of our new 3Demax printer, cannot be overstated. With the introduction of all new equipment there are bound to be issues that occur within the first few months, and DMG clearly understands this, as they provided us 24/7 support. The provision of such support allowed us to swiftly overcome any issues and lessen the impact to our production schedule, to quickly implement our new 3D printer into our day-to-day operations.

DMG not only holds a significant role for our day-to-day 3D printer support but is now also one of our suppliers for key materials, which has proven essential during the COVID-19 pandemic for our continued work. DMG’s continued effort to go above and beyond for us whenever we have needed them, has help ensured our continued success during these difficult times.“

We are delighted to receive such feedback and would like to thank the Wessex Dental team of John Stoodley (Director), Ania Rauze (Director) and Christopher Burroughs (Design Engineer) for their confidence in us.