Face shield do-it-yourself kit


Safety first: Protecting yourself and others is paramount in these exceptional times.
We at DMG want to support you in any way we can. This is why we have developed a “do-it-yourself kit” for you so that you can make your own customized face shield with 3D printing. Either directly in your own dental practice or by your laboratory.

Detailed instructions as well as the necessary printing files can be found in the download section below.

Stay safe at work. Stay healthy!

This is what your finished face shield will look like.

Here’s how it’s done: A short video overview.


Disclaimer of liability

Notes for use
Please note the following instructions and the disclaimer. The print files for the face shield are only supplied subject to the stated conditions, to which you hereby indicate your consent:

1. ‘Helping people help themselves’

In line with its aim of "helping people help themselves", DMG provides the 3D print files for the face shields, plus the manufacturing instructions, free of charge for interested users on its website. The user accepts sole responsibility for printing and for checking durability and usability; users are also solely responsible for their utilization of the finished face shield! In downloading the data supplied by DMG, the user consents to and accepts the terms of use, warranty exemptions and disclaimers of liability specified here.

The user alone decides the purposes for which he/she will use the face shield; the user is aware that the face shield does not constitute the only possibility for protection during medical procedures, and that he/she is solely and personally responsible for making the relevant provisions for the respective implementation of the face shield.

2. The face shield is not a medical device

DMG would like to emphasize that it provides no guidance and directions regarding the




cleaning and

effectiveness of the use of the face shield; nor is DMG able to offer any guarantees in regards to the successful usage of the face shield. In particular, no guarantee and/or liability will be accepted for any harm incurred in connection with usage of the face shield! No assertions can be offered on disinfection and the effectiveness thereof owing to the absence of empirical data.

3. Tip from DMG

To prevent further infections and cross-contamination, appropriate hygienic precautions should be observed and enacted when cleaning and disposing of manufactured products and their components.