New - LuxaPrint Ortho Flex

  • Versatile
  • Optimal elasticity
  • Highly tear-resistant and unbreakable
  • Near-natural transparency
  • Easy to clean
New - LuxaPrint Ortho Flex

Light-curing 3D print resin for the additive production of flexible soft splints in a digital workflow.
Certified as a Class I medical device.

Flexible new options

LuxaPrint Ortho Flex possesses optimal elasticity. The flexible material is dimensionally stable, highly tear-resistant and break-resistent, and therefore opens a multitude of interesting new application options for 3D printing, for example:

  • Bleaching trays
  • Transfer splints for the indirect bonding of brackets

Perfectly elastic, highly stable

Would you like to manufacture flexible occlusal splints easily and quickly as a 3D print? LuxaPrint Ortho Flex is your ideal partner – elastic and still reliable and stable.
The excellent resilience of the material also makes the difference with bleaching trays. This ensures that the bleaching agent reliably remains where it is supposed to work. And not on the gums. The extreme tear-resistance and fracture resistance ensures maximum stability and longevity. 

Quality creates acceptance

LuxaPrint Ortho Flex is impressively less susceptible to discoloration, easy to clean and also tasteless and odorless.


LuxaPrint Ortho Flex (385)
1 Single-Print-Capsule, shade TRA REF 170274
1 Bottle @ 200 g, shade TRA REF 170273
1 Bottle @ 500 g, shade TRA REF 170250
1 Bottle @ 1000 g, shade TRA REF 170252
1 Single-Print-Capsule, shade CYN REF 170276
1 Bottle @ 200 g, shade CYN REF 170275
1 Bottle @ 500 g, shade CYN REF 170251
1 Bottle @ 1000 g, shade CYN REF 170253
LuxaPrint Ortho Flex (405)
1 Bottle @ 200 g, shade CYN REF 170277
1 Bottle @ 500 g, shade CYN REF 170254
1 Bottle @ 1000 g, shade CYN REF 170255