Luxatemp Solar.
Especially for multi-unit temporary restorations.

Luxatemp Solar

Luxatemp Solar is your specialist for multi-unit temporary work. The elastic phase was extended in this regard to make removing the temporary easier. Undercuts do not tear off.

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Luxatemp Solar – multi-unit temporary restorations made easier

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Luxatemp Solar

Curing point can be user-determined

Easier removal of the temporary

High final hardness immediately after light cure

Luxatemp Solar in detail


Luxatemp Solar is especially suitable for multi-unit work and guarantees easy removal of the temporary restoration. Also, like all Luxatemp variants, it can be excellently polished to a high gloss – or, even better and more hygienic, varnished with Luxatemp Glaze & Bond.

Exposure of the temporary with a UV lamp
Luxatemp Solar for a longer elastic phase and a user-defined curing point.

Pack: Luxatemp Solar

1 Cartridge @ 76 g

15 Automix Tips Blue 10:1 shade A2

REF 110360

Economy pack: Luxatemp Solar

5 Cartridges @ 76 g

75 Automix Tips Blue 10:1 shade A2

REF 110361

Accessories: Luxatemp Solar, 45 Automix Tips Blue 10:1

REF 110409

Accessories: Luxatemp Solar, 1 Automix Dispenser Type 50 10:1

REF 110411

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