LuxaPrint Cast

Light-curing 3D print resin for the fabrication of residue-free burn-out molds (e.g. model framework castings, crowns and bridges)

  • Fine surface structure
  • Dimensional stability
  • Easy to cast (no cracks)
LuxaPrint Cast

Nice, when it’s even easier.

The classic fabrication of model castings, crowns and bridges requires many relatively elaborate manual work steps. Fabricating a cast object often involves the use of waxes and duplicating forms, for example.Using LuxaPrint Cast and modern digital model casting technology, the fabrication process is significantly simplified.

Putting an end to cracks

One of the most striking properties of LuxaPrint Cast is its truly reliable, residual-free casting. Cracks are a thing of the past

The exceptionally fine surface and high dimensional stability of LuxaPrint molds ensure a distortion-free embedding and provides the prerequisite for a high precision fit of the cast objects.

The resin expansion, adapted to speed embedding material, allows for preheating in the shock-heat method and ensures significant time savings during the heating process.




1 LuxaPrint Cast 1000g REF 170203
1 LuxaPrint Cast 500g REF 170202


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