The prosthesis professional that can do more.

  • Direct hard relining of dentures
  • Fixation of secondary parts and connection elements in implant-borne dentures
  • Particularly bio-compatible: no MMA, no peroxide
  • Tension-free, reliable support
  • Direct chairside use
  • Ideal for repairing prostheses and individualization of intermediate dentures

Easy fixation and precise relining of dentures.

When it comes to perfectly fitting dentures, LuxaPick-up makes the work much easier. The gingiva-shaded composite based on multi-functional methacrylates is your best choice for:

  • Direct hard relining as compensation for changes in the mucosal bed
  • Secure hold through utilization of stabilizing retention elements (pick-up technique)

The retention elements can be directly polymerized intraorally. This ensures a tension-free, secure hold on implants.

The removable dentures can be easily adapted to changing mucosal beds – thanks to direct chairside use. LuxaPick-up offers a quick and cost-effective way to restore functionality. No time delay due to external laboratory work, no inaccuracies.


1 cartridge @ 76 g, 15 Automix-Tips    
  Shade pink REF 214007  


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