LuxaBond Universal

The dual-curing 2-bottle bonding agent for dentin and enamel that can also be used as a primer for indirect restorations

  • Genuine universality in every sense
  • Strong adhesion
  • Minimizes potential sources of mistakes
  • A study on clinical use shows outstanding adhesion to all major CAD/CAM materials
LuxaBond Universal

The new LuxaBond Universal makes things easy for you: The dual-curing 2-bottle bonding agent for dentin and enamel can also be used as a primer for indirect restorations and offers you more options than ever before. Unlike many bonding agents, “universal” truly means universal. In every sense of the word.

Universal times four:

1) Free selection in etching mode on hard tooth substance (Self-Etch, Total-Etch, Selective-Etch)

2) Can be used for direct and indirect restorations

3) Suitable for light-curing, self-curing and dual-curing materials

4) Dual-curing: light and self-curing

One system, two bottles, no misapplications.

A wide range of usage options as good as eliminate any errors due to contra-indications. “Do I have to etch in advance?”, “Do I have to light-cure my adhesive?”, “Can I use it with self-curing materials too?” - questions you will no longer have to ask thanks to LuxaBond Universal.
Because this adhesive system offers you all options. 


As an adhesive: for direct restorations using light-curing composites and compomers; light-curing fissure-sealing materials; build-up materials (light, self, dual-curing); cementing indirect restorations and root posts with composite based luting cements (light, self, dual-curing); cementing veneers with adhesive composites using the melt etching technique

As a primer: for indirect metal restorations (precious and non-precious metals), zirconia/aluminium oxide, silicate ceramics, composite

Perfect partnership

LuxaBond Universal is the powerful partner of LuxaCore Z for the reliable post-endodontic treatment with a proven strong adhesive bond.*

Scientific evidence has shown that outstanding bonding properties in all situations are also obtained by using the combination of LuxaBond Universal with PermaCem Universal.*

* Attal et al.; Rapport technique – Evaluation LuxaBond Universal (LU) associé au LuxaCore Z (LZ); URB2I, Faculté de chirurgie dentaire, Université de Paris, France; 2019 – unpublished report.


1 Bottle @ 5 ml Bond A  
1 Bottle @ 4,6 ml Bond B  
25 Single-use Brushes White  
1 Mixing pallet REF 213379


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