• Unique Snap-Set technology (long working time and short time in mouth)
  • Excellent recovery after deformation
  • Excellent dimensional stability

Hand-mix precision VPS in putty consistency

Snap-Set technology

Thanks to the DMG-developed Snap-Set technology the new Honigum-Putty offers a so far unrivaled combination of comfortable working time and short time in mouth. Its generous working time reduces the »mix stress« to a minimum. Deformations due to already set material are prevented, and micro movements are reduced by the quicker cross linking (see »Snap-Set« in graphic). For the patient the shorter time in mouth translates into significantly more comfort during the treatment.

Excellent recovery after deformation

Honigum-Putty has extraordinarily high capacity for recovery after deformation. This ensures a precise reproduction of all critical areas. A precise detail reproduction is guaranteed.

Features benefits
Convenient working time
Prevents "mixing stress”
No premature setting
short time in mouth High patient comfort
reduction of micro movements
Outstanding recovery after deformation maximum precision


Economy Pack
5 Cartridges @ 380 ml    
50 MixStar-Tips REF 919375  
8 Jars @ 450 ml    
  Honigum-Putty Soft REF 919369  
  Honigum-Putty Soft Fast REF 919370  
  Honigum-Putty Rigid Fast REF 919371  
1 Cartridge @ 380 ml    
10 MixStar-Tips REF 919374  
2 Jars @ 450 ml    
  Honigum-Putty Soft REF 919364  
  Honigum-Putty Soft Fast REF 919365  
  Honigum-Putty Rigid Fast REF 919366  


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