• Enamel-like translucency
  • Excellent polishing properties at high filler degree
  • Natural fluorescence
  • Medium viscosity
  • Excellent sculpting properties
  • Shades with chameleon effect

The perfect symbiosis

The combination of EcuSphere-Shape and EcuSphere-Shine is the perfect symbiosis for highly esthetic restorations in the anterior region. EcuSphere-Shine blends well with the smooth enamel surface and impresses with long-lasting,flawless results.

The material properties of EcuSphere-Shine are perfectly tailored for a combined application with EcuSphere-Shape. EcuSphere-Shape allows for a precise reconstruction of the dentine core, and the enamel core can be restored with EcuSphere-Shine. The composite’s excellent translucency produces a chameleon effect. This is supported by the absolutely perfect polishability of EcuSphere-Shine, which also facilitates a flawless transition to the enamel. Therefore, the material is also wellsuited for the direct veneer technique. With its malleable consistency, EcuSphere-Shine is very pleasant to work with.

Thanks to the integrated filler technique »IFT«, EcuSphere-Shine combines reliable mechanical properties with superlative esthetic results.

Features Benefits
Shades with chameleon effect Esthetic, invisible restorations
Excellent sculpting properties Detailed reproduction of the enamel
Excellent polishability Superior esthetic appearance
Reduction of plaque deposits
Flexible handling Single-color layer technique
Multi-color layer technique
Can be combined with EcuSphere-Shape


20 Safetips @ 0,3 g  
  Shade Transparent REF 220258
  Shade A2 REF 220257
  Shade A3 REF 220256
1 Syringe @ 2,5 g  
  Shade Transparent REF 220262
  Shade A2 REF 220261
  Shade A3 REF 220260