„The impact of clinical trials on daily clinical practice“: new Interdentale online seminar

01 October 2021

We invite you to join the next international online event hosted by Interdentale. We look forward to welcoming back Professor Dr Markus Blatz from the University of Pennsylvania as the speaker for this event. Together with Dr. Susanne Effenberger, Head of Clinical Research at DMG, he will guide us through an exciting and highly-relevant topic.

„The impact of clinical trials on daily clinical practice“ - A guide on trial design“
The evaluation of a medical device's performance is essentially based on data from clinical research. Researchers have a wide range of methods, guidelines and scientific literature at their disposal for this purpose.

But what needs to be considered when planning clinical trials? What questions are addressed and with which study design? How informative and generally applicable are the reported results and what do they mean in practice?

These and other questions will be covered in detail in the online event. The speakers will present an overview of the key information required for the successful implementation of a clinical trial; challenges and possible solution approaches will be clearly outlined.

Participation is free and will be rewarded with 2 seminar points.

The event is scheduled as follows:

12th of October 2021 6:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM CST / 3:00 PM PST
13th of October 2021 00:00 CET

Julia Kunert is looking forward to answering all your questions or suggestions regarding Interdentale. Just send an email to: clinicalresearch@dmg-dental.com

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