INTERDENTALE LIVE IN CONGRESS - In the spotlight: tooth preservation

14 July 2022

On 30 September 2022 we celebrate the new semester at GLS Campus Berlin with a very special live event. 

Tooth preservation - as minimally invasive as possible, as invasive as necessary.
This is the motto under which we are going to put conservative dental treatment options in the spotlight. 

At this full-day event right in the heart of Berlin, together with our partner StyleItaliano we are going to demonstrate how aesthetics and tooth protection go hand in hand. 

We are going to explain how to make a correct diagnosis and why that will usually give rise to several different treatment options, the importance of careful treatment planning and the important role of choosing the right pretreatment method.

Our program will cover a wide range of topics, from teeth whitening and infiltration therapy, to composite fillings and veneer preparation.
Five leading speakers will be sharing their experiences and are looking forward to engaging with participants and answering questions.

There will also be a party in the evening at the Frannz Club, on the premises of the former KulturBrauerei, to celebrate the event. 

The convention will be held in English and qualifies for 8 seminar points. 

Spaces are limited – so book early!
For tickets, which range from €79 (discounted including party) to €99 (standard including party), and more information, please visit

Julia Hoyer is looking forward to answering any questions or suggestions regarding Interdentale. Simply send an email to: clinicalresearch(at)