Interdentale meets Style Italiano: New online seminar on the “Full mock-up concept”

25 May 2021

In cooperation with Style Italiano we invite you to another online seminar on June 10 as part of Interdentale 2021. We look forward to presenting the renowned aesthetics expert Dr Stefen Koubi as the speaker at this event.

New paradigm in worn dentition: the full mock-up concept”
Revolutionary minimally invasive approaches to the treatment of worn dentition have been developed that require new technologies. The aim of this event with Dr Stefen Koubi is to introduce a precise and reproducible method that simplifies the treatment of worn dentition.

The focus of this method is the use of wax-up and mock-up techniques to achieve aesthetic results for the preparation of anterior teeth as well as for treating posterior occlusal surfaces. The classical cavity design for a partial bonded restoration on posterior worn dentition will also be reviewed, and a new type of thin and reduced restoration called “table top” will be presented.

Participation is free and will be rewarded with 2 advanced training points.

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