Information on the current situation at DMG: We carry on.

24 March 2020

Dear DMG customers, partners, friends,

The coronavirus crisis is presenting us with new challenges every day. At DMG, we must make changes to our usual work processes and must also take dynamic and flexible action in many areas. And, of course, our first priority in everything we are doing is “safety first”. In the interests of our employees, customers, and partners.

We have every confidence that we will master these challenges together with you. Probably the most important information on the current status quo at DMG for you:

Work here at DMG is continuing.
We are still producing and remain able to deliver. We have taken the necessary precautions in production and dispatching. The hygiene practices at DMG, which were already very strict, have been stepped up. Corporate units have been isolated from each other, external visits stopped, disinfection measures intensified and expanded.

We are at your service.
Business trips and events will not be taking place until further notice, but you can continue to reach your DMG contacts by e-mail or phone as usual. To maintain the exchange we are relentlessly working to ramp up our online activities for you. A new webinar series with training on a variety of topics is currently being set up and will be communicated soon.

You can also visit us on our social media channels:,,

Let’s work together to make the best of these difficult times. We are convinced that things will start to return to normal very soon and will keep you up to date with any news from DMG.

Until then, stay in good health.

Kind regards,

Your DMG