DMG and the Dental Wellness Trust: In Cape Town for a good cause

28 November 2016

The London-based dentist Dr. Linda Greenwall has long been a keen and passionate promoter of children’s dental health. She is particularly eager to help the children living in the townships of Cape Town, where she originates from. With this in mind, Dr. Greenwall founded the Dental Wellness Trust in May 2011. This charity works to develop dental care programs for children, from very young children to teenagers, and to ensure that these programs are implemented thoroughly. Oral hygiene coaches are given ongoing training so that they can bring about a sustained improvement in awareness of dental health and dental care. The charity aims to reduce the incidence and prevalence of caries in the mid-term by providing children with oral hygiene training.

DMG has supported the work of the Dental Wellness Trust for many years. In collaboration with the Western Cape University, the children in the supported communities can even be given more extensive dental care. For example, a program for performing fissure sealing in caries-active populations is promoted by providing material and personnel support on site.

To experience the program first-hand, DMG recently accompanied Dr. Greenwall on a several-day visit to Cape Town and supported the local team in providing treatment to children. The visit included a trip to a school where more than 100 children received dental care treatment. The young patients were first given a thorough dental checkup. As necessary, the team performed initial emergency treatment directly, and fissures in the permanent molars were also sealed in accordance with the risk of caries.

In many cases, this was the first time the young patients had seen a dentist. This made it all the more impressive that the children were so open and cooperative. A good foundation for sustainably healthy teeth.

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