Established by Professor Angelo Putignano and Dr. Walter Devoto in 2008, the StyleItaliano study group has a Facebook group with 160,000 members, making it the world’s largest online dental community.

Its aim is to present and publish fresh ideas that make everyday dental treatments simpler and more predictable. Aesthetically oriented dentistry forms one focus of these efforts.

We are delighted to be cooperating closely with StyleItaliano since 2016. Intensive contact with luminaries like Professor Stefen Koubi and Professor Louis Hardan is giving our development work critical momentum. The collaboration also touches on such areas as training and the organization of StyleItaliano workshops at the new Dental Training Center.

“Feasible, teachable, repeatable”: the StyleItaliano philosophy

StyleItaliano is the product of a simple idea by two friends, Dr. Walter Devoto and Professor Angelo Putignano. The acknowledged experts in conservative, aesthetic dentistry had noticed that while materials for good-looking, direct restorative procedures were available, there were no suitable concepts for the successfull application of these. To emulate natural teeth required artistic ability, creativity and plenty of time to practice.

Since time is short in any dental practice, the two friends decided to develop simplified techniques that would enable any dentist to achieve impressive results with direct composite materials. Their practical suggestions are based on clear and precise ideas designed to help dentists cope with day-to-day challenges in their practices.

One idea will grow.
As more and more experts have joined the StyleItaliano group, more concepts have been developed to simplify process flows in restorative dental care and areas such as endodontics, where Pio Bertani and Fabio Gorni founded a separate group. All of the concepts have three things in common: they are feasible, teachable and repeatable.

Since its founding, StyleItaliano has evolved into an international, mutually supportive team of professionals dedicated to helping others improve by demonstrating how ‘YOU can do what WE do’. News, articles and case studies are published by members each week; non-members are invited to submit their own cases for publication on the community page of the website.